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Kuroko no Basket S2: Episode 1 Released!

October 6, 2013


This OP has some delicious animation.

Sekinin’s first release that isn’t a BD release! Well… This release is sort of like a Blu-Ray release, though. The source is from 1080p CR with some filters applied. The subs are by CrunchyRoll and are slightly modified. Since there is currently no translator for Sekinin, the translations for the OP and ED are taken from Asenshi. I slightly modified them and will adjust them for future episodes.



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  1. Coder permalink

    Awesome! Have you motion tracked the signs? Do you need help with this? Also will you be doing a v2 of this episode?

    • Motion tracking was not needed for this episode. I could always use some help here and there. And yes, I will be doing a v2 of this probably when the first cour is finished, or when the show is done.

  2. I heard 1080p CR releases are just upscales…

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